Taxes, Insurance, Utilities

There are two taxes when owning the Chateau as a private residence:      


1) Real Estate Tax (Tax Fonciere) 

It is based on the sq.meters
10,280 euros /yr       

2) Habitacion Tax  

A tax levied to live in the home
211 euros/yr

3) Liability and Casualty insurance
8,000 euros/yr

4) Water, Gas, electricity   

Note: Depends on usage              
1,500 – 3,000 euros/yr

5) Water for the lawn and garden comes from the Garonne River. It is by permit that runs with ownership.

Unlimited drawing rights per year
3,000 euros/yr
6) Full time gardener and security.
12,000 euros/yr

7) There are currently no leaseholds associated with the property



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Chateau St. Roch
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